Closing Words

When I pitched the idea of making a photo book to the band, I had spent about fifteen minutes with them during some smaller projects. Despite that, the band accepted me to tour for about fifty gigs. I am grateful for the trust the band members put in me, and for the openness and generosity the band showed me.

I want to thank the whole group (Mira, Paula, Mikko, Heikki, Juho, Jaakko, Vesku, Juksu, Janne and Tomppa) for the friendship and the mutual experience, as well as enduring the constant clicking of my camera's shutter.

Thank you to the poeple at Popgee Oy (Matti, Heli and Kristo) for handling the hotel bookings and other such matters.

Thank you to the people at Like Publishing (the publishers of the dead trees version of this book) - especially Krista - for believing in me and helping with the texts.

Thank you to Elina for supporting me and enduring my tiredness over the combinations of work weeks and photography weekends.

Jyväskylä Finland, 11th of November 2017
Kalle Björklid