Kalle Björklid

This photo was taken while I was touring with the Finnish singer Jenni Vartiainen for my second photo book. The location was a small night club in a small Finnish town. There was no photo pit, and I had to choose one spot and stay there for the whole gig.

I usually dislike having to photograph with a telephoto lens. I like wide angle and being positioned in between the artist and audience so that the point of view is in the middle of the action. That was not a possibility here.

Being stuck in one position for a whole concert makes you analytical. The elements of the photograph are more or less there, so what you try to do is to notice if there is something that would make an exceptional photo. After all, photographing for a photo book requires you to create about 200 photos without repeating yourself.

This time I noticed the reflective ceiling. Looking at all of the photographs from the concert, I’ve taken multiple photographs that try to feature the reflective ceiling. This is of course natural: you cannot know in advance if there will be a better moment - something that makes the idea work better - in the future. I think this moment where Jenni touches the upside down version of herself with her hand is pretty much perfect.

The lesson here is that if you notice some unique aspect of the venue or the particular concert that may contribute towards a great, unique photograph, you can either spend your attention to get the best version of that photograph, or you can take a bunch of conventional photographs instead.

As for me, I was happy to get this one book-worthy shot from that concert.

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