Kalle Björklid

Sometimes, when you arrive to a new venue, there’s some element on the backstage that catches your eye because of its absurdness or because it seems to be so out of place.

Of course, you’re there to photograph the band and not objects found on the backstage. But what you can do is to see if an opportunity for a photograph arragnes itself - so to speak - around the object of interest at some point during the evening. Or you can of course ask for a posed shot, which I personally don’t do as I’m almost puerly a ‘fly on the wall’ type of photographer.

In the photograph above, the smiles and eye contact between the male and female band members (Jaakko and Paula) happens to support the theme set by the random coin-op ‘Sex Test’ present (for no apparent reason) backstage. I’m really happy how this one turned out.

On another backstage, there was this massive airbursh painting of Elvis that was not possible to ignore:

Here I did a simple composition around the picture and Mira. I don’t think this has as much of a story as the Sex Test photo, but I still think it’s quite a fun photo with the massive Elvis.

Both of the photographs in this article are of the Finnish band PMMP - the subject of my first tour photo book.

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